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The Value of Every Booking you have made at Tridatu Bali Tours

A very big thanks to our business partner and clients who have been used Tridatu Bali Tours service for your Bali experiences. Tridatu Bali Tours committed to share 10% profitable of sales to support Yayasan Taksu Alam Bali beloved projects of preserving Bali's Culture and Traditions, Natural Environment, Spirituality and Wellness through Education, Food Relief and Trees Planting. If you have same feeling with Tridatu Bali Tours, let's act now and made your booking or you are welcome to made direct donations to support their beloved projects for Bali.

Yayasan Taksu Alam Bali Projects
Taksu Foundation

Education is the key to be freedom that allow peoples to be better themselves. 

Donate For Education
Taksu Foundation
Food Relief

"The More You Share The More You Achieve" They are calling everyone to help them surviving.

Donate For Monhtly Food Relief
Taksu Foundation
Tree Planting

NATURE IS OUR HOME, Let's get involved for planting more trees and breathe healthier.

Donate For Trees Planting
Get Involved For Change

Tridatu Bali Tours invite you to connect directly to Yayasan Taksu Alam Bali to support their projects. Either as a volunteers or becoming their sustainable supporters. For further info about Yayasan Taksu Alam Bali please click the button to connect with their admin.

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