Ubud is a very unique place and is centrally located so it's a great base to explore Ubud and the surrounding areas.

Deep Dive into Balinese Culture, Nature And Spirituality By Visiting Ubud.

1. Ubud is home to many historical museums and galleries, unique traditions, and handmade handicrafts.
While you are there in Ubud, you can deep dive more into Balinese culture and its spiritual traditions, you can pay a visit to the well-known Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. This is not a usual monkey spotting area nor the typical sanctuary and natural habitat of the Balinese long-tailed macaques. Also please spend your time to visit Campuhan Ridge Walk that is only a short walk from Ubud Palace. This hidden gem of Ubud will pamper you with a rewarding experience and peaceful escape – the walkway will take you up and down a ridge with mesmerizing views of palm trees and rice fields.

2.Tri Hita Karana (Three Causes of Well-Being) 

It’s the cultural and spiritual complex for the local community that consists of harmony with God, People, and the Environment. But If you want to have something more laid-back in Bali and are keen on exploring the rich culture of Balinese people and its strong cultural traditions, please heading to Ubud Place is the ultimate option.

Do yourself a favor by embarking on unforgettable Nature, cultural and spirituality with these 3 experiences bellow!